Groveland Correctional Facility in upstate New York recently installed MicroMod controls on their boilers. The result? They doubled their steam output.

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353 RetroPAK

Siemens 353 & Moore 352 Replacment

"We installed the Memory Module and hooked the controller up. Everything works as advertised, and we wanted to thank you for your help".

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MicroMod Puts You in Control

When you think of process control, think MicroMod. We offer both pre-engineered and custom solutions for a wide range of industries—solutions that begin with our in-depth knowledge of your applications and needs. These “smart solutions” provide unsurpassed control for industrial boilers, water/wastewater treatment, nuclear power, food processing, and specialty chemicals. By combining time-proven technology with superior process expertise, we offer you precision performance, and a new level of efficiency and economy.

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Boiler Control

Boiler Control

MicroMod’s Boiler Control solutions help keep boilers functioning at top efficiency—that translates into lower energy costs and reduced emission levels. We’ll make selection, installation, and operation of your control system easier than ever before. From our pre-engineered packages to our custom solutions, count on MicroMod for unprecedented peace of mind and maximized ROI. Now, we’ve further enhanced the performance of our flagship line of SteamPAK systems. Read more...

Water Treatment Control

Water/Wastewater Treatment Control

Superior expertise in water and wastewater control is essential for optimal plant operation—but it's disappearing, becoming harder to find. MicroMod combines the extensive knowledge of our people with the heritage of Fischer & Porter application expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Whether your operation is large or small, our modular systems offer high performance now with expansion capabilities for the future. Our WaterPAK line of solutions can lower your cost of ownership, reduce your energy consumption, and, very simply, make your life easier. Read more...

TVT Floating Bioreactor

Floating Bioreactor Aeration Solution

What if you could eliminate odors, reduce BOD and COD, reduce sludge accumulation and associated disposal costs, and substantially reduce electricity use...while reducing operating costs at the same time? And without needing any infrastructure? The TVT-bio Floating Bioreactor is a patented technology that can help you do just that. Suitable for lagoons, natural ponds, basins and tanks the TVT-bio solves your aeration problems and provides a rapid return on your investment.

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA